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Dark Patterns & Positive UX Patterns /14-Mar-22 @uxHH

Anika Spohrer, Ariana Jäger und Martina Armbrecht zu Gast im UX Roundtable Hamburg

Yeah, am 14.3.22 gibt es endlich mal wieder einen UX Roundtable. Immernoch online, wie immer genial. Es geht um Dark Patterns – präsentiert von Ariane Jäger und Martina Armbrecht von usetree (Berlin) – sowie um Positive UX Pattern – präsentiert von Anika Spohrer (Kompetenzzentrum Usability, Stuttgart). Info und Anmeldung via uxhh.

einmalig – kostenlos – nur live – Anmeldung über Xing erwünscht aber nicht notwendig.

uxHH ist die Community für Interaktionsdesign und Usability in der Metropolregion Hamburg. Bereits seit 2001 findet regelmäßig der User Experience Roundtable Hamburg statt, bei dem sich Software- und Service-Gestalter:innen zu Vorträgen und freundlich-inspirierendem Gedankenaustausch treffen.

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transitmaps: Infographic: Crocheting in the Subways of Hamburg…


Infographic: Crocheting in the Subways of Hamburg by Lana Bragina

Now this I love!

Every time that Lana travelled on Hamburg’s S-Bahn or U-Bahn, she would pass the time by crocheting this neat little bangle. The fun part is that she would only use thread that was the colour of the line that she was riding on at the time: green thread for the S1, yellow for U3, etc.

The really extra fun part is that she also made this super nifty infographic that explains the whole thing in a very visual way: the dates that each trip was made on, which stations she rode between and how long (in minutes) that trip took, even little “work in progress” photos of the bracelet after each trip. And then the whole thing is tied into a simple little diagramof “Lana’s Subway” as well. That the whole infographic looks like thick skeins of thread draped across the page is just the icing on the cake. Perfect and wonderful.

Source: ulaniulani/Flickr

merci :)