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Student Volunteer

The student volunteer organization is what keeps CHI running smoothly throughout the conference. You must have had student status for at least one semester during the academic year before CHI. We are more than happy to accept undergrad, graduate, and PhD students. We need friendly enthusiastic volunteers to help us out. Continue reading

Welcome to CHI 2023!

On behalf of our organizing committee, we'd like to welcome you to CHI2023! CHI2023 will be held in Hamburg, Germany - we are truly excited about the city and the venue. We will be having a hybrid conference - stay tuned for the details as we move forward with planning the details.

The theme of CHI 2023 is "reCHInnecting". By this we refer to re-establishing contacts in the post-pandemic world with the colleagues in our global community, both online and physically present. We also want to strenghten the connections between academia and industry, and hence CHI2023 will put special effort in fostering practically relevant content, besides scientific excellence.

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