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21st Century Design by Don Norman

Don Norman at interaction19

“… solving the right problems and iteration and always think of this as a large system, and making sure we solve the true underlying problems and not just the symptoms.” /21st Century Design by Don NormanInteraction19 videos

// Original: 21st Century Design by Don Norman CC-BY-NC-4.0 Matthias | mprove.net | @mprove | Musings & Ponderings

How to create a very special and unique login screen:1) Launch a…

How to create a very special and unique login screen:

1) Launch a space station /phew, this is done.
2) Tune into the live video feed – for instance at ISS Webcam
3) Get the upper video into full screen and landscape mode.
4) Gaze in awe until you fall in love with the current view.
5) Take a screenshot and use it as your lock screen wallpaper. 

6) As a kicker, you can follow TheRealBuzz and wait until he shows up on your screen in space. Epic!

Knowledge Navigator Implications

Between 1987 and 1988 Apple has created a couple of vision videos under the common research theme Knowledge Navigator. Of course, Knowledge Navigator and Future Shock are most famous; but there are about 10 others short clips which illustrate additional concepts. Note that these are created in the pre-Web and pre-tablet era.

Below is a video that features Steve Wozniak, Diane Ravich (then director of Encyclopædia Britannica <sic!>), Alan Kay and the authors Ray Bradbury and Alvin Toffler. They are dreaming about the future – our present. Although the technology today seems capable to deliver on this vision, I suppose we have some work left to do you adjust our tools in a way to really support it.

Topics: computers as simulation tools, education, agents, voice user interfaces, automated translation, hypermedia

Knowledge Navigator Implications, Apple 1988 at YouTube

// Original: Knowledge Navigator Implications CC-BY-NC-4.0 Matthias | mprove.net | @mprove | Musings & Ponderings

Sometimes something is too fast to watch in detail on youtube….

Sometimes something is too fast to watch in detail on youtube. And youtube’s user interface is not suited to properly replay certain sections of a video; in this case: Don’t be so hot by Me and My Drummer to catch the chords. Snippz offers exactly that. Slow motion and jump marks for precise navigation.

[Update June 6, 2017] Snippz has just been updated to v2. More space for the video (image 1), which can even be zoomed. Less space for the timeline, which makes it a bit more difficult to edit the hot areas compared to v1 in the second image.