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21st Century Design by Don Norman

Don Norman at interaction19

“… solving the right problems and iteration and always think of this as a large system, and making sure we solve the true underlying problems and not just the symptoms.” /21st Century Design by Don NormanInteraction19 videos

// Original: 21st Century Design by Don Norman CC-BY-NC-4.0 Matthias | mprove.net | @mprove | Musings & Ponderings

RBF Conference Highlights

The Reeperbahn Festival Conference 2016 offers (at least) 3 intriguing sessions. They cover the design space between the virtual and the real world. So, if you attend the festival, don’t miss_

Fascination – The State of VR
Prof. Dr. Frank Steinicke, Uni Hamburg ~ /a well-knows speaker at RSE15

Space Oddity – VR & Arts
w/ Toby Coffey of the National Theatre in London

Smart Cities: How Tech Connects Citizens To Solutions

BTW Some photos from RBFC/NEXT15

// Original: RBF Conference Highlights by Matthias | mprove.net | @mprove | Musings & Ponderings