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Video unavailable

You probably know this error message from youtube:

youtube message: video unavailable

youtube: Video unavailable

It is the plain and honest message that some videos have been switched off for the audience. Nothing more. And that poses a nasty user experience issue if you consider that UX is the sum of the stimuli before, during and after the use of a product or service. In this specific case I hadn’t even finish watching the recording of an online conference! ––– What does it mean for the UX?? It is a dead end. There is no link available to the profile to follow up with the event organizers or to subscribe or to become a loyal and paying customer.

There is no happy end to this story. I just wanted to share the UX issue with you.

// Original: Video unavailable CC-BY-NC-4.0 Matthias | mprove.net | @mprove | Musings & Ponderings

Sometimes something is too fast to watch in detail on youtube….

Sometimes something is too fast to watch in detail on youtube. And youtube’s user interface is not suited to properly replay certain sections of a video; in this case: Don’t be so hot by Me and My Drummer to catch the chords. Snippz offers exactly that. Slow motion and jump marks for precise navigation.

[Update June 6, 2017] Snippz has just been updated to v2. More space for the video (image 1), which can even be zoomed. Less space for the timeline, which makes it a bit more difficult to edit the hot areas compared to v1 in the second image.