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Die Entdeckung von Feldkirch

Geführte Exkursion: Die Stadt neu wahrnehmen und ausstellen in 240 Minuten


24. Februar 2018, ab 15.00 Uhr, Montforthaus Feldkirch
Geführte Exkursion + Gestaltung einer Ausstellung
Feldkirch @ Nik Skorpic (8)Feldkirch neu sehen, hören und zeigen: Am Anfang stand eine Wahrnehmungsreise aller Teilnehmenden durch die Stadt, am Abend gab es eine professionell gestaltete Ausstellung. Wer an der Exkursion teilnahm, entdeckte Feldkirch neu und erarbeitete in kurzer Zeit eine lebendig gestaltete Ausstellung mit den Gegenständen, Bildern, Geräuschen oder Geschichten, die sie in der Stadt aufgespürten.



24. Februar 2018, ab 20.00 Uhr, Montforthaus Feldkirch
Ausstellungseröffnung + Ausklang mit DJ
Der international renommierte Szenografie-Experte Sven Klomp führte, und quasi im Vorbeigehen entstanden Rauminstallationen, Performances und Interaktionen. Mit dabei sind Musiker und Tänzerinnen, die Fundstücke in Form von Sound und Moves beisteuern. Es war keinerlei Vorwissen erforderlich. Als DJ sorgte Nikolaus Gohm für den musikalischen Ausklang.

Die Teilnehmenden werden begleitet von:


Musiker:  Herbert Walser-Breuß, Markus Marte, Thomas Kuschny



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Die Exponate


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Die Vernissage


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Orphion. I could not believe what’s going on here. Still on my…

Orphion. I could not believe what’s going on here. Still on my first generation iPad it already feels like a fifth gen touch device with pressure detection. Touch softly to produce soft sounds – hit hard for loud and tinny sounds. Stunning. Bastus Trump did a splendid job developing this new digital instrument.

In 2014, Bastus was demanded by Apple to remove the app from the app store b/c Apple did not like the way Orphion uses the shape of the touch to play strong and soft sounds. What a silly decission! But your can still enable and enjoy the effect by double-tapping the version number in the about box.

Here is a little tutorial how to customize and connect Orphion with ThumbJam to play a Hang on iPad.

Orphion | orphion.de | Orphion meets Moog | Bastus at Soundcloud | video tutorials

Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth connects 2 devices with each other,…

Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth connects 2 devices with each other, either iOS or macOS. Hence my MIDI USB keyboard can now be connected with out any wires between Mac and iPad. The USB is plugged into the Mac, and Apollo transmits the MIDI over Bluetooth. Nice. Yet another successful link was just between AC Sabre on iPhone to ThumbJam on an iPad.

Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth for iOS | Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth for Mac 

Animoog is a unique synth app for iPad and iPhone. Usually you…

Animoog is a unique synth app for iPad and iPhone. Usually you are overwhelmed by zillions of knobs and dials of emulated synthesisers. Not in Animoog because the app has a clear layout and navigation structure, and it comes with a impressive amount of presets that take you straight to playing sci-fi sounds on the keyboard. Mind your fingers! – the sound depends where you hit the keys and how you slide horizontally and vertically. Surprising enough, the small screen real-estate of iPhones is no limit, because the whole screen can be used for sliding tones!

Animoog for iPhone | Animoog for iPad

Seline Redux has just been (re-)released. The sound app keeps…

Seline Redux has just been (re-)released. The sound app keeps all the delightful properties of Seline Ultimate, and adds a few clever enhancements. First and foremost Seline has a unique keyboard layout; assign a scale and you get carried away with long improvisations. Seline comes with a number of instruments. My favorite still is the Majestic Flute with lots of echo (delay) in a large concert hall (reverb). The sound reminds me of a live concert with Al Di Meola. His percussionist came back after the break and played an incredible duet with himself (echo&delay) whistling on beer bottles!

Seline Redux by Eric @AmidioInc