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http://stars.chromeexperiments.com/  /via

100.000 stars, a google chrome experiment to display and navigate our home galaxy. Star descriptions are pulled from Wikipedia. A wonderful interactive visualization of our home in the context of the milky way. Maybe I am missing something here, but the only draw-back is the fixed center of the Sun. I really would like to travel every which way through our galaxy. 

Snapseed 2. It seems that google has waited for my recent post…

Snapseed 2. It seems that google has waited for my recent post on Snapseed 1.6 to release a completely redesigned version of Snapseed. 

One item checked off from my wish list: Snapseed contains multiple undo and  multiple redo functionality including “re-adjusting the past”. Impressive. The rest of the redesign is debatable. The current state of the image is displayed full screen – much larger than before, which is good. You can even zoom in further to check the details. As a trade off the tools are accessible via a (+) control button to be revealed as an overlay. A simple GOMS analysis would show that this takes approx. twice as many steps to choose a filter compared to the interaction model in Snapseed 1.6 before. Of course, the filters have been reorganized and a couple of new tools are available. I will update this post when my first impression is no longer dominated by sorrow on the loss of the Grunge module. Right now it feels that Snapseed lost its personality.

[Update 29-May-15] Grunge is back. Yeah!


PS: The image above: Schulterblick am Schulterblatt 

Snapseed 1.6 was a wonderful app for the post production of…

Snapseed 1.6 was a wonderful app for the post production of photos. The interaction model matches the properties of the touch tablet without being too fancy or too dumb. It is a joy to control and witness the process in which the pixels develop into some pieces of art; my Snapseed portraits.

On my wish list: better undo or even version management. In fact Undo does not exists and Revert propels you back to the stage when the image was first opened.


Warning: If you love the current Grunge module do not update to Snapseed 2  b/c google made the unfortunate decision to remove it.

The image above: Sol & Glenn