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Understanding CHI Reviews: Analysis of CHI2022 Revise and Resubmit

Julie R. Williamson (Papers Co-Chair 2022 and 2023) Tldr; Categorical recommendations are a better representation of reviewers’ views and a better indicator of paper outcomes. Ordinal recommendations are a poor indicator of paper outcomes, and lean towards a negative view of papers even when reviewers recommend acceptance. Rigour is the most important criteria in paper … Continue reading

CHI’23 AC Volunteering

In a few weeks, the CHI’23 paper chairs and SCs will start recruiting ACs for CHI’23. If you like to be considered, please go to and on the submissions page select ‘SIGCHI’ -> ‘CHI 2023’ -> ‘CHI 2023 AC Volunteering’ from the dropdown menu, then fill out the volunteer form. The form has been streamlined this year to make volunteering easier, the simplified form should only take a few minutes to fill out. The volunteer form will close April 25 end of day anywhere on earth. Continue reading

CHI’23 Updated Revise and Resubmit Paper Process

For CHI'23 we made significant improvements to the revise and resubmit (R&R) process based on the feedback we received from CHI’22. Our main goals were to allow more authors to go through R&R to improve their papers and respond to the reviews, to reduce the volunteer workload, and to remove holiday working, whilst keeping the benefits of the revise and resubmit process. This post outlines how the new revise and resubmit process looks and how we’ve addressed our goals for this process. Continue reading