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Magic Forest – an interactive tagtool installation for kids


Magic Forest

An interactive tagtool installation for kids

For the fourth Kidsbit Festival I was asked to create an interactive installation within the theme of 'environment'. It was my first endeavour into using processing with the kinect sensor. And it turned out to be the most wonderful experience watching the kids and parents growing trees and interact with each other. Big thanks to the Kidsbit team for once more creating a wonderful space for kids to play with and explore technology. The project was also sponsured by the Istituto Tedesco Perugia.


Tagtool Toilet Art at the Millerntorgallery #8


Tagtool Toilet Art

Millerntorgallery #8 2018

I was invited to run a workshop at the Millerntorgallery (an international art | music | culture festival beneficial to supporting the human right to have access to clean water) for kids aged 10-14 yrs.

As it was a bright day, the final presentation of the project had to take place in a dark enough room for the projection to work. What place better to choose than a public bathroom!

The kids developed a whole bunch of toilet monsters, bathroom poetry and general trumpisms that all looked faboulous projected onto the tiles of the loo.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-10 at 11.49.45 (2).jpeg
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And here's evrything in motion.

Kidsbit 2018 immersive playground and live projection

This year‘s Kidsbit - The Kids&Family Festival for Digital Creativity, has immersed itself into the beautiful city of Perugia, with not a single hub (as in previous times) but many different satellites at museums, galleries, co-working spaces and other public spaces, and so becoming an integral and present part of the city culture over the course of three days.

This time I was invited to create an immersive space for the kids to play in and with.  The idea was to use cardboard to create a landscape that you could walk into and play with. The first scribble shows the basic idea. 

Those scribbles turned into three simple shapes that would be used to create the final cardboard elements, all 300cm wide, with different heights, so they could be arranged as a landscape. 

The place for all of that to happen would be the Sala Binni, built 1372-75, a former church, now part of the local library, where the families could rest, dance or even paint with light themselves. 

For ambient sound I brought my JBL Flip with a big battery and used whitenoise+ to create some different soundscapes.




IMG_0007.PNG FullSizeRender.jpg IMG_20180526_125039.jpg IMG_0006.JPG  image from  wikipedia

image from wikipedia


It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to create this experience for the kids of all ages, who would run around and chase the bees, laugh about the hills that have eyes. Over the course of the days more and more people would come and it would turn into the Amazzonia Rave 4 Kids Party, a lovely project by Lucia Di Pietro. At nighttime we would then move on to the Palazzo Priori to have a large scale live tagtool session for all to be part of. Big fun. Big times.
Photos by Giorgia Fanelli


Here's a quick and rough edit of it all. Enjoy!

tagtool in Bangkok | riverlation | Übermut Project


Bangkok, Dec 13

tagtool session @ übermutproject

From 10-15 Dec I was invited by the Übermut Project to participate in their riverlation instance in Bangkok.

"Übermut Project is an initiative of visitBerlin and Hamburg Marketing, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. Its aim is giving the German arts and creative scene a global stage." - from the Übermut Website

Initially I was due to work with a local group of projection artists, but for reasons that didn't came to be. So once I was there I tried to connect with other übermut-people which resulted in a short but very inspiring collab with Sophie Camille Brunner and Ulrich Gottlieb, who were leading the dance workshops during the projects.

There was also great urban screenings by A Wall Is A Screen, fantastic short films via interfilm, rioty live music by Bonsai Kitten, and much much more greatness. Big love and thanks going out to the übermut crew, espesh Maike Wacker, for making this all happen.

All Stills by Kevin McElvaney | Beats by halfbyte


Enter: The New Tagtool

Yaysome: The New Tagtool is finally live. I've already been beta'ing it for a while (it was great using it at this year's Kidsbit). A fantastic - though different to its predecessor - new instrument for creating visual projections and animations. To name a few of the many changes: it's now vector-based, you can create libraries (stacks) and - my fave - offset loop cycles of a given set of objects. Here are some clips I made recently.
Harder. #tagtool Ein Beitrag geteilt von Benjamin Rabe (@benjaminrabe) am
Peek-a-boo. #tagtool Ein Beitrag geteilt von Benjamin Rabe (@benjaminrabe) am
#tagtool Ein Beitrag geteilt von Benjamin Rabe (@benjaminrabe) am
Applause. #tagtool Ein Beitrag geteilt von Benjamin Rabe (@benjaminrabe) am
#tagtool Ein Beitrag geteilt von Benjamin Rabe (@benjaminrabe) am
Drums. #tagtool Ein Beitrag geteilt von Benjamin Rabe (@benjaminrabe) am

Digitale Workshops für Kinder beim Lesefest Seiteneinsteiger 2017 in Hamburg


Zusammen mit Heike Roegler war ich im Oktober beim Seiteneinsteiger Lesefest 2017 eingeladen, für den Bereich Digitalisierung zwei Workshops für Schulklassen anzubieten.

Dabei wollten wir die kreativen Möglichkeiten im Umgang mit Tablets zeigen und zum Weitermachen anregen; wir haben also zum einen mit Stop-Motion-Apps kleine Animationen und Pixilation-Filme gemacht. Zum anderen von der wunderbaren Bilderbuch-App 1-2-3-Tier ausgehend mit PuppetPals die Idee des Buches aufgenoomen und die Kinder selbst erweitern lassen.


Kidsbit 2017

I am just back from Perugia where I was able to take part in the 2nd Kidsbit-Festival – an event spinning around all things digital creativity, for children and their parents. Like last year, I was running a workshop about animation and tagtool. This time the kids created a range of wonderful creatures using just simple shapes. It was great to see them coming alive on the old Pallazzo dei Priori at night.

Auch dieses Jahr war ich wieder eingeladen, am Kidsbit Festival 2017 teilzunehmen. Die Kidsbit setzt sich zum Ziel, Kindern (und Eltern) den kreativen und explorativen Umgang mit Digitalem zu vermitteln. Auch diesmal haben wir wieder zusammen in Tagtool animiert und die Ergebnisse abends auf den alten Palazzo dei Priori projiziert.

Instagram post by Benjamin Rabe * May 27, 2017 at 8:45pm UTC

Kreative Apps & Digitale Lesewelten – 4 Tage Seminar an der HAW Hamburg

Im April durfte ich im Tandem mit Heike Roegler an der HAW und im Rahmen des Themas Digitale Lesewelten etwas über mobile Kreativität und Apps erzählen. Heike hat das drüben auf It's All About The Stories schon wunderbar zusammengefasst; für mich war es eine tolle Gelegenheit, mit den Studenten Apps wie zB. Puppet Pals zu spielen, dabei gemeinsam zu verstehen, wie der explorative Umgang mit Digitalität im Umfeld Bibliothek aussehen kann.

In April Heike Roegler and me ran a 4-day workshop about reading and creativity on tablets at the HAW; a great opportunity to explore and discuss all things digital in the realm of libraries with the students.

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