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tagtool in Bangkok | riverlation | Übermut Project


Bangkok, Dec 13

tagtool session @ übermutproject

From 10-15 Dec I was invited by the Übermut Project to participate in their riverlation instance in Bangkok.

"Übermut Project is an initiative of visitBerlin and Hamburg Marketing, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. Its aim is giving the German arts and creative scene a global stage." - from the Übermut Website

Initially I was due to work with a local group of projection artists, but for reasons that didn't came to be. So once I was there I tried to connect with other übermut-people which resulted in a short but very inspiring collab with Sophie Camille Brunner and Ulrich Gottlieb, who were leading the dance workshops during the projects.

There was also great urban screenings by A Wall Is A Screen, fantastic short films via interfilm, rioty live music by Bonsai Kitten, and much much more greatness. Big love and thanks going out to the übermut crew, espesh Maike Wacker, for making this all happen.

All Stills by Kevin McElvaney | Beats by halfbyte


Enter: The New Tagtool

Yaysome: The New Tagtool is finally live. I've already been beta'ing it for a while (it was great using it at this year's Kidsbit). A fantastic - though different to its predecessor - new instrument for creating visual projections and animations. To name a few of the many changes: it's now vector-based, you can create libraries (stacks) and - my fave - offset loop cycles of a given set of objects. Here are some clips I made recently.
Harder. #tagtool Ein Beitrag geteilt von Benjamin Rabe (@benjaminrabe) am
Peek-a-boo. #tagtool Ein Beitrag geteilt von Benjamin Rabe (@benjaminrabe) am
#tagtool Ein Beitrag geteilt von Benjamin Rabe (@benjaminrabe) am
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#tagtool Ein Beitrag geteilt von Benjamin Rabe (@benjaminrabe) am
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Digitale Workshops für Kinder beim Lesefest Seiteneinsteiger 2017 in Hamburg


Zusammen mit Heike Roegler war ich im Oktober beim Seiteneinsteiger Lesefest 2017 eingeladen, für den Bereich Digitalisierung zwei Workshops für Schulklassen anzubieten.

Dabei wollten wir die kreativen Möglichkeiten im Umgang mit Tablets zeigen und zum Weitermachen anregen; wir haben also zum einen mit Stop-Motion-Apps kleine Animationen und Pixilation-Filme gemacht. Zum anderen von der wunderbaren Bilderbuch-App 1-2-3-Tier ausgehend mit PuppetPals die Idee des Buches aufgenoomen und die Kinder selbst erweitern lassen.


Kidsbit 2017

I am just back from Perugia where I was able to take part in the 2nd Kidsbit-Festival – an event spinning around all things digital creativity, for children and their parents. Like last year, I was running a workshop about animation and tagtool. This time the kids created a range of wonderful creatures using just simple shapes. It was great to see them coming alive on the old Pallazzo dei Priori at night.

Auch dieses Jahr war ich wieder eingeladen, am Kidsbit Festival 2017 teilzunehmen. Die Kidsbit setzt sich zum Ziel, Kindern (und Eltern) den kreativen und explorativen Umgang mit Digitalem zu vermitteln. Auch diesmal haben wir wieder zusammen in Tagtool animiert und die Ergebnisse abends auf den alten Palazzo dei Priori projiziert.

Instagram post by Benjamin Rabe * May 27, 2017 at 8:45pm UTC

Kreative Apps & Digitale Lesewelten – 4 Tage Seminar an der HAW Hamburg

Im April durfte ich im Tandem mit Heike Roegler an der HAW und im Rahmen des Themas Digitale Lesewelten etwas über mobile Kreativität und Apps erzählen. Heike hat das drüben auf It's All About The Stories schon wunderbar zusammengefasst; für mich war es eine tolle Gelegenheit, mit den Studenten Apps wie zB. Puppet Pals zu spielen, dabei gemeinsam zu verstehen, wie der explorative Umgang mit Digitalität im Umfeld Bibliothek aussehen kann.

In April Heike Roegler and me ran a 4-day workshop about reading and creativity on tablets at the HAW; a great opportunity to explore and discuss all things digital in the realm of libraries with the students.

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Tagtool workshop at Kidsbit-Festival in Perugia

💓 #kidsbit

The KIDSBIT is a week-long summer school with two festival days on the weekend for kids aged 4-14. The aim if for the kids to explore new technology and discover its creative potential. The organizers managed to create a wonderful atmosphere within the walls of a former monastery, where the kids would code robots, create animations, explore fab-labs and raspbery-pi's, and – which was my part – animate monsters and robots in two tagtool-workshops.


It am extremely happy and honoured having been part of the first instance of the festival; it felt very much like going to the my first reboot in 2007: Great vibes, interesting topics, and all the people I met were there becasue it was a matter of the heart.

My special thanks go out to the Istituto Tedesco Perugia, who made this trip possible; and to all the good people at KIDSBIT, Giulia, Elisa, Luca, et al!

Going on tour with Walter Lemonface Live Cartoon for Kids

All photos by Yvonne Roberts

All photos by Yvonne Roberts

Last week we spent 8 days on the roads of England, delivering The Adventures Of Walter Lemonface to kids and their parents in towns like Barnsley, Huddersfield, Doncaster or Southport, to name a few. Now we are all on a break.

For me the first week was an experience I never had before and it will take time to sink in and be computed. It is fantastic to play for the audience, and maybe that is one of the key learnings: it is always the audience, not an audience.
Every Audience, though seemingly similar from its mixture, is unique. You simply can't say beforehand how and in which way it will connect to what you do.
And that makes me think how in software devlopment we define our 'audience' as the 'users' and make ourselves belief that we can actually understand them before they use our products. But hey-ho, that's a subject for another post, another time.

For now I am getting ready for the last two shows this weekend in Derby and Manchester before I head back home to Hamburg to get ready for the next adventure: the Kidsbit in Perugia.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-09 um 09.19.13.png
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Prepping for the Big Carrot Tour

Last week I was spending my time in Halifax to join the team of Walter Lemonface for rehearsals. If you never heard of the show, it's best described as

"a live cartoon that the audience controls (with a magical mix of music and storytelling)"

And as you can see below, we had a lot of new gear sitting around, just waiting for us to get our hands dirty with, with a special focus on the new video mixer. We are now able to work tagtool on four iPads during the 60mins show, super smooth. The live show on Friday amused kids and their grown-ups same time. I am very much looking forward to join the band again for our Big Carrot Tour (10 cities in UK) in June.


Using modul8 with tagtool

Last night, Jan and I performed as at the eBookCamp 2015 here in the Hamburg betahaus. It was the 5th eBookCamp (always a great experince, hat tip to the organizers!) and our 3rd time we participated as the night gig performers.

It was also the first time for me to try using modul8 in conjunction with tagtool. I basically used overlays and blend modes, and the edge filter. Also I used the Black Magic ultra Studio to feed the iPad signal to my MacBook Pro. I was a little nervous about it because I still wanted the live painting to be at the center of everything and not for it to become a visual effect fiasco. So here's a litlle video of what we did (thx to Heike for the footage).

Animations for Under The Bed, a theatre play

For the past weeks, I spent most of my creative off time working for a theatre play called Under The Bed, which is about the young girl Alice, who when she

"is stolen away in the middle of the night by her mum has no idea what is happening. Scared, confused and angry, Alice finds herself in a strange house, forbidden to leave, arguing with her mum during the day and hiding under her covers from the strange noises at night."

Under the Bed is a co-commission between ARC Stockton and Theatre in the Mill Bradford supported by Arts Council England.

Told using performance, music, live animation and film, Under the Bed is a compelling new play about childhood trauma and what happens when nightmares are indistinguishable from reality.

In my own artistic work I have been slowly moving towards storytelling and motion, so I was more than happy when the 154collective asked me to contribute some animations and artwork.

A rather rigged wolf.

A rather rigged wolf.

Animating in Anime Studio Pro

ASP was the tool of choice and I had to learn a lot about creating characters, riggging them (which means creating the bone structure that is the base of the animation) and doing the actual animation. A very fascinating and iterative process.

Rather rigged wolf during lunch break.

Rather rigged wolf during lunch break.

Eventually we had distributed roles in the animation process: many of the characters were designed by Jonathan Grauel and Matthew Watkins (mostly using procreate on the iPad), it was then my part to cut them to bits and create the rigs, so that up next Fabric Lenny (the visual mastermind in the whole production of the play) would be able to animate the hell out of those beasts.

The wolf you see here is one of my own creations and I was quite happy with the outcome. It's amazing how easily you can ruin a whole walk cycle by one slight change to a bone (or make it really good, but that doesn't happen all too often).


Additionally, my addiction to painting clouds paid off and some of my static artwork also found its way into the final score.

Under The Bed will be shown in theatres in Stockton, Bradford and London.