Frax HD: This alien is a fractal Julia set! You can smoothly…

Frax HD: This alien is a fractal Julia set! You can smoothly zoom in in real time – using the accelerometer! – and explore endless mathematical landscapes. Forget about entering complex coordinates and parameters and then waiting until the Mandelbrot or Julia set renders on your screen. Dive in and change colors, lights, and textures by simple touch gestures. Frax is neither a toy nor a game. Instead it is a looking glass into the structures of our universe. Frax was designed and developed by Ben Weiss, Kai Krause, and Tom Beddard.

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Using modul8 with tagtool

Last night, Jan and I performed as at the eBookCamp 2015 here in the Hamburg betahaus. It was the 5th eBookCamp (always a great experince, hat tip to the organizers!) and our 3rd time we participated as the night gig performers.

It was also the first time for me to try using modul8 in conjunction with tagtool. I basically used overlays and blend modes, and the edge filter. Also I used the Black Magic ultra Studio to feed the iPad signal to my MacBook Pro. I was a little nervous about it because I still wanted the live painting to be at the center of everything and not for it to become a visual effect fiasco. So here's a litlle video of what we did (thx to Heike for the footage).

Animations for Under The Bed, a theatre play

For the past weeks, I spent most of my creative off time working for a theatre play called Under The Bed, which is about the young girl Alice, who when she

"is stolen away in the middle of the night by her mum has no idea what is happening. Scared, confused and angry, Alice finds herself in a strange house, forbidden to leave, arguing with her mum during the day and hiding under her covers from the strange noises at night."

Under the Bed is a co-commission between ARC Stockton and Theatre in the Mill Bradford supported by Arts Council England.

Told using performance, music, live animation and film, Under the Bed is a compelling new play about childhood trauma and what happens when nightmares are indistinguishable from reality.

In my own artistic work I have been slowly moving towards storytelling and motion, so I was more than happy when the 154collective asked me to contribute some animations and artwork.

A rather rigged wolf.

A rather rigged wolf.

Animating in Anime Studio Pro

ASP was the tool of choice and I had to learn a lot about creating characters, riggging them (which means creating the bone structure that is the base of the animation) and doing the actual animation. A very fascinating and iterative process.

Rather rigged wolf during lunch break.

Rather rigged wolf during lunch break.

Eventually we had distributed roles in the animation process: many of the characters were designed by Jonathan Grauel and Matthew Watkins (mostly using procreate on the iPad), it was then my part to cut them to bits and create the rigs, so that up next Fabric Lenny (the visual mastermind in the whole production of the play) would be able to animate the hell out of those beasts.

The wolf you see here is one of my own creations and I was quite happy with the outcome. It's amazing how easily you can ruin a whole walk cycle by one slight change to a bone (or make it really good, but that doesn't happen all too often).


Additionally, my addiction to painting clouds paid off and some of my static artwork also found its way into the final score.

Under The Bed will be shown in theatres in Stockton, Bradford and London.